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The Differences Between Motorcycles and Cars

Drivers of cars take certain precautions to stay safe. These include wearing seatbelts and keeping the distractions to a minimum whenever possible. People who ride motorcycles take special precautions different from those who drive. Bike riders wear full-face helmets and jackets to prevent road rash. In addition, they have to have a special license before they can own and operate a motorcycle.

Usually, these safety measures keep riders relatively safe. Sometimes, though accidents can happen. Every year, people on motorcycles are injured and killed in collisions.

These are typically between a car and a motorcycle. Motorcycle-on-motorcycle accidents do occur, but they are nowhere near as common as a car hitting a motorcycle or vice versa.

Sometimes the car drivers do get hurt. However, the light weight of the motorcycle means that the person driving the car won’t get as hurt as they would if the motorcycle had been a car. This also explains why the cars are usually not as damaged as they are in a typical collision.

This is good for the driver, but terrible for the rider. Because the cars outweigh the bike, they tend to be much more powerful. This means that the motorcycle will quickly be overpowered by the car and the rider will face some serious injuries.

If the rider is wearing the proper protective gear, their injuries will not be as severe as they have the potential to be. Their head will largely remain safe and road rash will be kept at a minimum. Failing to wear a helmet will almost always result in death.

However, even the best helmet can only do so much. A helmet will not protect the legs or the spine, and the neck will still be somewhat vulnerable due to it being mostly unprotected.

The sheer force of the impact will send the person or people on the bike flying. Hopefully, they don’t go too far, but the harder the collision is, the worse the impact will be.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, there are special rules that must be followed when making an insurance claim. The rules are a little more complicated than a straightforward car-on-car accident.

The defendant’s insurance company may even try to blame the person on the bike for their own injuries, despite the defendant clearly being at fault. Lawrence & Associates can help start making a claim against the person who caused the collision.

Motorcycle accidents take far too many lives each year and leave many others in debt. A skillful attorney will help the victims get the settlements they deserve. Hopefully, these settlements will cover lost wages and medical expenses. If the victim passed away, there may be a chance that the surviving family is eligible for benefits.

If this is the case, having an attorney who knows their way around motorcycle accidents and traffic law will be of the largest importance. Pick someone confident in this area of study. Going with a smaller, less-reputable company can almost always result in an unfair settlement. Don’t settle, pick someone who is confident that they will get you the settlement you need and deserve.

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