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Lawsuit Accuses U.S. of Deceiving Unauthorized Immigrants

immigration laws A lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Los Angeles accuses the United States government and officials from the Department of Homeland Security of tricking unauthorized immigrants into self-deportation through voluntary departure rather than exploring other options available to them.

When a person goes back to his or her country of origin through a voluntary departure, he or she may not re-enter the United States for a period of ten years.

The lawsuit alleges government officials would encourage discovered unauthorized immigrants to sign voluntary departure forms, claiming it was the best option for them without allowing person to explore his or her legal options. One person named in the lawsuit came to the country illegally in 2003 and has since stayed without the proper documentation. He married in this U.S. and would have been able to easily acquire citizenship because of that. However, he was pulled over by a police officer for having a broken license plate light and his immigrant status was discovered. The man was turned over to Border Patrol, who told him the easiest way for to come back to the U.S. was to voluntarily deport himself. The lawsuit holds that he did not receive due process or an opportunity to speak with an attorney, who would have quickly informed him that his marriage entitled him citizenship.

The ACLU maintains that this happens with startling frequency and aims to gain class action status for the lawsuit.

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  1. Learn more says:

    Interesting article. Illegal immigrants are treated poorly in this country and regardless of their citizenship, the poor treatment needs to stop.

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