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Different Forms of Driver Error: Simple Cases of Carelessness with Severe Consequences

An average of 590 car accidents every hour is recorded in the US, totaling to a little more than five million within a year. The results of these accidents range from a simple fender-bender to serious, permanent injuries or death. Their causes also vary, some being attributed to factors beyond the control of the driver, like car defect, car malfunction or road / highway defects. The major cause of vehicular accidents, however, is attributed to driver error, with reckless driving and speeding registering next.

There are different forms of driver error; a couple of samples are lapse in attention and driving under the influence or DUI. The ones that are most common, though, are over-speeding, making sudden lane changes or turns without checking for incoming vehicles, failing to use signal lights, tailgating or driving too closely behind other vehicles and distracted driving (eating, using a cell phone and others).

Despite the very high number of road mishaps, many drivers still choose or (unconsciously) remain to act carelessly on the road. Rather than be constantly aware than even a moment of inattentiveness can result to devastating accidents which can severely injure or claim other motorists’ and / or pedestrians’ lives, many allow themselves to be distracted by the most trivial of things which can be attended to in safer ways.

Driver error may be non-intentional, so that whatever injury is caused on anyone is involuntary. This, however, does not exempt the liable party from facing justice and from compensating the injured for whatever damages the resulting injury has caused him or her.

All it requires is to be attentive and mindful so that you and all others on the road with you can be guaranteed of safety anytime, anywhere. If anyone chooses to drive without so much thought about others’ safety, though, then it can be a criminal or civil offense he or she can be subjected to.


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