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Defective Seat Belts and the Severe Harm These Can Cause

Though it is true that driver error is the number one cause of car accidents in the US, which totals to more than five million yearly, there are still instances when road mishaps can be attributed to factors that lie beyond any driver’s control. Road defect is one of these; the two others are car defects and car malfunction.

Car manufacturers continuously make improvements in the vehicles they make, since new and better features can mean more interested customers. With the desire to lead the market in sales through improvements is the responsibility in assuring that everything they manufacture can guarantee comfort, more so, safety. A mere defect in any vehicle part can lead to a serious accident and cause severe injuries, or even death.

The problem with a defective car part is that this may not be detected unless it has failed to serve its function, causing an accident on the road. A brake malfunction, a malfunctioning headlight and / or signal lights, a tire with very poor traction, a defective air bag or seat for children and a defective seat belt – these are just some of the defects a car might have which can cause severe harm.

“Put your seat belt on”! The seat belt law has been observed is the US since 1968. While it is true that seat belts significantly lessen injuries or deaths during vehicular accidents, poorly manufactured ones can be a cause of greater harm. Over the years, various incidents involving seat belts have been recorded, like a seat belt tearing easily, seat belt buckles coming loose and release buttons not working properly.

There have been instances when defective seat belts have caused permanent disability or death rather than save a life. Being required by law to put it on before your car actually hits the road, seat belts are, therefore essential. That they work properly is also of high importance as they may or may not save your life during a serious accident.

If your car’s seat belts were defective, leading to injuries that have altered your life, make sure that you seek justice and the necessary compensation that will help you recover from your injuries.

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