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Whiplash: A Car Accident Injury

Car accidents register the highest number of deaths and injuries in the US annually with reckless driving as the most common reason. Reckless driving, which is a major road-traffic violation, involves complete disregard of road safety rules, which mostly results to harm or injury on another. Thus, no matter how well one can drive, the moment he or she starts to behave recklessly on the road, he or she also stars to go against traffic safety rules, putting all others on the road, motorists and pedestrians, in possible danger.

Reckless driving is a free and voluntary act, thus, drivers are totally aware of such act. Due to this, the law holds them fully accountable to whatever consequences their careless actions may result to. According to, besides fines, imprisonment or whatever other punishment they may deserve, reckless drivers will also be legally obliged to compensate their victims for whatever damages these may be subjected to.

One injury commonly sustained by victims in motor vehicle accidents is whiplash, a pain in the shoulder, neck, head or base of the skull which can become permanent over time. Whiplash is a sudden movement of the head like what happens when a car is hit from behind or at the side (though this is also the case when a car comes to a sudden stop or hits a wall or a pole); it is tossed back and forth or sideways abruptly, causing serious damage to joints, discs and ligaments.

Though many patients are able to fully recover from whiplash injuries within months or a couple of years, a substantial number of victims never recover at all. The pain becomes permanent, while some develop problems in sleeping, weakness and fatigue; some others suffer blurred vision, poor memory and concentration and ringing in the ears.

Whiplash can be very difficult to determine, except through facet joint injections. There are many symptoms associated with this injury, however, including unexplainable headaches and dizziness, heaviness or pains in the arms, low back pain, depression or short temper, irritability. Whiplash is no trivial injury; its victims, therefore, have all the right to pursue justice and compensation.


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  1. Ryan Ruehle says:

    Whiplash is very painful, I suffered it after a minor fender bender. Thank you for the post.

  2. I really love this style of blog, thanks for writing.

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