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And the Award for Best Celebrity Smile Goes to…Johnny Depp

My general rule is this: If Pirates of the Caribbean is on TV, I will watch it. Coincidentally, Pirates of the Caribbean is on TV almost every weekend. As such, I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean the other day, and like most of my experiences watching the movie, I was particularly drawn to Captain Jack Sparrow. Usually, I’m drawn to Sparrow’s funny and witty dialogue or his strange mannerisms. This time, however, I was drawn to something unusual: his smile.

Captain Jack Sparrow, as the name suggests, is the captain of a pirate ship. According to the movie, his vessel, the “Black Pearl,” sailed the high seas at some point in the 1700s. Given this time frame, I presume Captain Jack Sparrow doesn’t have much access to modern-day dental technology. In fact, he probably spends months on end on the high seas consuming only rum. For these reasons, Captain Jack Sparrow has many gold teeth. In fact, he has four gold teeth on the top of his mouth, and he has two silver teeth on the bottom of his mouth. Also, it looks like his teeth are covered in some substance to give the impression that his teeth are rotting or not adequately cared for.

These imperfections were easy to spot. Of course, these imperfections were the products of years of experience and the careful application of makeup and props. The makeup artists did an excellent job making Captain Jack Sparrow seem not very hygienic. To get a better grasp on how well the makeup artists did, I decided to look up pictures of Johnny Depp, the actor who plays Captain Jack Sparrow. I wanted a side-by-side comparison of Depp’s smile with Sparrow’s smile. The person is the same, but the makeup is different.

I was shocked to see that Depp’s smile, untethered by makeup and gold teeth, was one of the best, most confident, and charming smiles that I had ever seen. I was truly astounded by the work of makeup artists behind the scenes in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. My next thought was, “Well, how can I get a smile like THAT?” To find ways to get a perfect smile, I decided to do a little research.

I came across an article by Dental Expressions about composite fillings. It explained that composite fillings are tooth fillings that are made of tooth-colored resin designed to blend with the recipient’s other teeth. Basically, composite fillings are used to fill cavities, cracks, and other imperfections in the teeth. The goal is to make these imperfections disappear. This goal cannot be attained with other types of fillings that are often made of mercury and appear silver. Composite fillings are a step in the right direction toward the perfect smile, like Johnny Depp. I have no doubt that if Johnny Depp had fillings, he had composite fillings. His teeth look perfect, and because of this, his smile looks perfect.

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